Thank you Mount Pulag.

I never travel much. I am more of an indoor girl and very comfortable in my usual way of things. I was working for a retail company and this activity is a requirement of the outdoor brand I was handling. They call it “immersion” so I’d experience first-hand our products or whatever. I never thoughtContinue reading “Thank you Mount Pulag.”

Myanmar: A Hidden Beauty

“This is Burma and it’s unlike any land you know about.” –Rudyard Kipling They say when the wicked travel bug stung your curious mind, it will change you as a person and how you see the world. For me, it’s true! Since my first travel, I did not go back but found myself always lookingContinue reading “Myanmar: A Hidden Beauty”


Stop dreaming about your bucket list and start living it – Annette White All of us have that dream destination, it could be Paris, Greece, Switzerland, United States, but for me nothing beats Japan!  Japan, as the Land of Rising Sun is one of the favorite travel destinations of my fellow Filipinos. In 2018, anContinue reading “THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN”

My Sweet Escape

Travel opens your HEART, broadens your MIND and fills your LIFE with stories to tell. – Paula Bendfeldt As the famous saying, “You only live once, so enjoy life to the fullest” . Here are some of the places I visited for the past years.. Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan Back in 2013, My friendsContinue reading “My Sweet Escape”

Life in Canada for Filipino Immigrants

If you’re considering immigrating to Canada from the Philippines, you’re probably wondering about the pros and cons. What’s life like in Canada? How easy will it be to integrate? How have other Filipinos found success in the country? Here are some tips to help you with your decision. Canada prides itself on being one ofContinue reading “Life in Canada for Filipino Immigrants”