Overseas: A Homeschool Journey

These are some questions that relatives and friends asked me. You see, my family decided to do homeschooling even before the pandemic, way back S.Y. 2018-2019. I was in the academe back then. So those into traditional schooling were surprised that I would decide to do homeschooling. However, when I explained to them the why,Continue reading “Overseas: A Homeschool Journey”


Dear Son, Know that we (your dad and I)  love you, prayed to have you, want only the BEST for you. We were the happiest when you came. You bring sunshine and laughter into our home. You made me and dad stronger and closer as partners. My love, I fully can’t express how grateful IContinue reading “LOVE LETTER TO MY CHILD : MAMA WILL BE HOME SOON”

OFW Mom Journey

I’ve been working as a nurse in a conservative Muslim country in the middle east for 10 long years, with a 2-month paid vacation each year. Before I left home, life wasn’t easy. Thinking of leaving my family who are expecting me to be the breadwinner, my retired “nanay”, my ailing “tatay” and two littleContinue reading “OFW Mom Journey”

When Colleagues Eventually Become a Family.

When does your colleague become friends? When does friends become family? Is it really hard to be away from home? How to live away from our loved ones? Most of these questions can be answered by an OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers).  I was an OFW for so long in one of the most beautiful countriesContinue reading “When Colleagues Eventually Become a Family.”