Why I Went From Enjoying Breastfeeding To Hating It

It was May 2018 when my then-boyfriend, now husband, and I discovered that we were pregnant. Obviously, it wasn’t planned, that’s why I was quite hesitant to tell my parents at that time. “Why would you be worried?” he asked. “We’re grown-ups and I’m very excited to tell them the good news!”. This is non-verbatim,Continue reading “Why I Went From Enjoying Breastfeeding To Hating It”


Dear Son, Know that we (your dad and I)  love you, prayed to have you, want only the BEST for you. We were the happiest when you came. You bring sunshine and laughter into our home. You made me and dad stronger and closer as partners. My love, I fully can’t express how grateful IContinue reading “LOVE LETTER TO MY CHILD : MAMA WILL BE HOME SOON”

Motherhood and My Life Journey in Retrospect

by janakidiary I may have enjoyed single life too much to get settled into marriage at age 30. It has it’s pros and cons, of course. I share with you my birthday post when I turned 38. Now 43, I still anchor my life to these life lessons. Hope to help and inspire you oneContinue reading “Motherhood and My Life Journey in Retrospect”