My Biggest Win

We all have our wins that would merit a celebration — be it your first gold medal in a sports event, graduating with Latin honors in college, or maybe as humble as perfecting that chocolate ganache cake. Here’s mine.  I never imagined myself conquering my wildest fear ever. But when I got married back in 2016,Continue reading “My Biggest Win”

OFW Mom Journey

I’ve been working as a nurse in a conservative Muslim country in the middle east for 10 long years, with a 2-month paid vacation each year. Before I left home, life wasn’t easy. Thinking of leaving my family who are expecting me to be the breadwinner, my retired “nanay”, my ailing “tatay” and two littleContinue reading “OFW Mom Journey”

How Did Millennial First Time Moms Became the Best? Find Out!

Let me start off by saying Being a First Time Mom is hard.. No! Being Mom itself is really hard! I was married at the age of 22 to my High School Sweetheart and got pregnant and gave birth the following year. Let me give you a brief background of my life… Both of myContinue reading “How Did Millennial First Time Moms Became the Best? Find Out!”

Awesome Tips For First Time Mom With A Preschooler

These past days, I have been seeing posts about how proud my batch mates are, as their children graduated from high school and some from college.  I feel happy for them but this is not my case. I started my journey as a first time mom only at the age of 38. For the pastContinue reading “Awesome Tips For First Time Mom With A Preschooler”