Stepping Outside The Comfort Zone: A Journey Of A Freelancer In The Works

By: Jennel Paytone | August 14, 2020 | Dream Job Just I’ve convinced myself to dive into the world of freelancing. I end up hitting the great walls of “Where do I start?“, “Can I do it?” and “Is it for me?” head on. This happened to me every single time the thought lingered onContinue reading “Stepping Outside The Comfort Zone: A Journey Of A Freelancer In The Works”

Pandemic: An Eye-Opener

Every negative experience can cause both positive and negative impacts on a person and his or her situation. Situations are out of our control, but we can always control our responses. You have to remember that we have that freedom, so exercise it to your benefit. The spread of the coronavirus has caught us allContinue reading “Pandemic: An Eye-Opener”


When President Rodrigo Duterte declared that Luzon-wide would be under Enhanced Community Quarantine, 360 degrees swift change in our lives happened. Works, Classes & suspension of mass transportation limit the movement of people to contain the spread of the virus. No work, no pay means no money for food and necessities. No mass transportation meanContinue reading “COVID-19 DISEASE PANDEMIC – A RESET BUTTON?”