Your wings already exist all you have to do is fly..- unkown Where to go after the pandemic? Yah! Together, let’s look forward that one day we can go out and will be able to breathe the ocean air and will be able to embrace the sun.  Now, let me give you some top destinationsContinue reading “GO. SEE. WRITE.”

Jane and Her First PNR Ride

There’s always a first time for everything. Me and my volunteer-friends needed to attend a SEAGames pep rally in Taguig last November. I am not familiar with the venue, so my friend suggested that we meet up in Blumentritt to take the train going to Bicutan and we all agreed. November 9. It poured andContinue reading “Jane and Her First PNR Ride”

Thank you Mount Pulag.

I never travel much. I am more of an indoor girl and very comfortable in my usual way of things. I was working for a retail company and this activity is a requirement of the outdoor brand I was handling. They call it “immersion” so I’d experience first-hand our products or whatever. I never thoughtContinue reading “Thank you Mount Pulag.”

Myanmar: A Hidden Beauty

“This is Burma and it’s unlike any land you know about.” –Rudyard Kipling They say when the wicked travel bug stung your curious mind, it will change you as a person and how you see the world. For me, it’s true! Since my first travel, I did not go back but found myself always lookingContinue reading “Myanmar: A Hidden Beauty”

Glamping at Nurture Wellness Village

I first learned about Glamping from a travel blogger who has tried this in Sumilon Island, Cebu. I thought how cool it would be to camp in a tent with all the luxury a hotel room can offer. I enjoy camping, and for me, it is always fun to be one with nature and sleepContinue reading “Glamping at Nurture Wellness Village”

Travel Your Kids While They Are Young

Many parents seem to think that to travel with kids is pointless because they are never going to remember or appreciate it while they are young. Some say “Why you travel your kid at a very young age, she don’t remember that”. For me, travelling with a kid will help them boost their confidence and have freedomContinue reading “Travel Your Kids While They Are Young”


Stop dreaming about your bucket list and start living it – Annette White All of us have that dream destination, it could be Paris, Greece, Switzerland, United States, but for me nothing beats Japan!  Japan, as the Land of Rising Sun is one of the favorite travel destinations of my fellow Filipinos. In 2018, anContinue reading “THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN”

5 Off-the-Beaten Paths to Experience Even When You’re Alone in HK

Not all who wander are lost J. R. R. tolkien Hong Kong is the go-to place for many Filipinos who just want to get out of the country. Why not? It’s near with a short 2-hour flight. There’s no visa needed. A lot of fellow Pinoys work there; you don’t have to worry being “alone”Continue reading “5 Off-the-Beaten Paths to Experience Even When You’re Alone in HK”