My Arduous Strive for Motherhood

I used to believe that the life cycle of a woman is finishing school, getting a job, getting married, giving birth, and taking care of children. Very simple, and straight to the point. However, adulthood taught me that life doesn’t follow any rules. And I learned it with all the bumps, u-turns and mostly downs,Continue reading “My Arduous Strive for Motherhood”

A Wife, a Mom and a Woman I want to be!

“ To the world you are a Mother, but to your family you are the World.” Let me share my story. A Wife. I got married in December 2012. I resigned from my work in May 2013 and decided to be with my husband in a foreign country in June 2013. Living in a foreignContinue reading “A Wife, a Mom and a Woman I want to be!”

KDrama – A Stay at Home Mom’s Antidote to Stress

“Self care is not selfish. You cannot serve others when you are drained!” Two years ago, when I applied for an internet service provider, it came with freebies which includes free subscription with Netflix for 6 months. At first, I was just curious, why Netflix is so famous, until I discovered Korean Drama series! IContinue reading “KDrama – A Stay at Home Mom’s Antidote to Stress”