7 Ways to Cope with Failed Expectations

Have you tried setting expectations yet dismally failed? Recently, I drew my own timeline to see what have I done in my life so far: After college graduation and passing the boards, I worked for a few years, got married, and had children. A big chunk was also devoted to doing volunteer church work. FamilyContinue reading “7 Ways to Cope with Failed Expectations”

3 churches with breathtaking views near Manila

1. Regina Rica Rosarii Regina Rica Rosarii is located along Marcos Highway at Sitio Aguho, Sampaloc Tanay, Rizal. You will have a great feeling as you go along on the hill and you will find a 71-foot-high an image of our Lady, Queen of the Holy Rosary designed by artist-sculptor Jose Barcena Jr. You cannot enterContinue reading “3 churches with breathtaking views near Manila”