My Liquid Gold Locket – Breastmilk

For every struggle, tear & hard work, this will forever remind me that True Love is a Sacrifice. Four years ago, I gave birth to my first child, Leory Matthew.What a wonderful and priceless blessing from up above as I look at my reflection, only in its little form. “I love you”, I said. “AndContinue reading “My Liquid Gold Locket – Breastmilk”

My Grandma, a tribute to my living Angel

“Grandmothers are voices of the past, role models of the present and opens the doors to the future.” Helen Ketchum With all the global tribulations that humanity is facing in modern history today, I decide to dedicate this blog to my grandma, whom I call “ Lola Vita “ , as a breath of fresh airContinue reading “My Grandma, a tribute to my living Angel”

Beauty In Unprepared Motherhood

“Whenever a woman is in labor she has pain, because her hour has come; but when she gives birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish because of the joy that a child has been born into the world”. – John 16:21 Most women dreamed of having their own family or giving birthContinue reading “Beauty In Unprepared Motherhood”

After Birth Struggle: Pelvic Girdle Pain

I remember back then during my pregnancy on how excited we were for what’s ahead of us. Feeling so optimistic that everything’s gonna be amazing and be on our favor. Of course, that’s all how parents should be. I remember trying to imagine how our baby would look like, whose features will she get theContinue reading “After Birth Struggle: Pelvic Girdle Pain”


We all know that parenthood is never easy and what more if you’re doing the job on your own as a single mom? Stressful, challenging and sometimes so depressing are just a few ways single moms describe their everyday lives and here are 3 of the best survival tips on how to be a rockstarContinue reading “SURVIVAL TIPS OF BEING A SINGLE MOM”


I am a girl and now a woman with an odd personality. I am a kind of person who would prefer staying at home and lock myself in a room rather than mingle with other people outside. After I was being born and had my first memory, I could experienced hardships and loneliness at thatContinue reading “FROM HELL TO HEAVEN”

My 2nd Pregnancy after 10 long years.

Ten years ago I got pregnant on my first child at the age of 20 and gave birth at 21, I was naive and jobless. Few steps after teenage life, like some normal family trials and difficulties, are part of daily living, and that time, for me, the justification of choosing the wrong action isContinue reading “My 2nd Pregnancy after 10 long years.”