Career Woman to Career Mom Real Quick!

It’s 10 AM and you’re starting to get to work on mid-shift. As you shampoo your hair, you’ve been rehearsing the flow of your conference call scheduled today with the clients overseas. You’ll be coming to the office earlier because you need to prepare for a bunch of meetings happening today. This is just oneContinue reading “Career Woman to Career Mom Real Quick!”

From Passion to Business: How My Husband and I started a Business Doing Something We Love

“Everyone can cook but only the fearless can be great” – Gusteau THE BEGINNING My husband and I began our love story with food. Funny as it seems, I am not the type of girl who enjoys being given roses/ chocolates/ teddy bears/ any expensive gifts and when my husband courted me, he knew thatContinue reading “From Passion to Business: How My Husband and I started a Business Doing Something We Love”


We all know that parenthood is never easy and what more if you’re doing the job on your own as a single mom? Stressful, challenging and sometimes so depressing are just a few ways single moms describe their everyday lives and here are 3 of the best survival tips on how to be a rockstarContinue reading “SURVIVAL TIPS OF BEING A SINGLE MOM”

What I have learned so far in my 8 months of being married

My husband and I got married last year. It was a double celebration for us as it was also the 700th day since we became a couple. We do not usually celebrate monthsaries, like some couples our age do. We wanted to be able to celebrate every milestone of being together so celebrating every 100thContinue reading “What I have learned so far in my 8 months of being married”

Building Self-Confidence

What is Confidence? Confidence is feeling certain of yourself and your abilities. It doesn’t mean in an arrogant way, but rather in a sure and realistic way. It isn’t about bragging and feeling superior to others, but it’s rather feeling secure and having that innate knowledge that you are capable. Knowing that you can relyContinue reading “Building Self-Confidence”

Ever wonder WHY your toddler did what they just did?

Being a newbie mom with no experience with kids, I have constantly wonder what is going on inside my toddler’s mind. Heck, even if you are not a newbie, I’m sure you are still going to wonder what is going on inside their brain. Does knowing this even matter at all? The answer to thatContinue reading “Ever wonder WHY your toddler did what they just did?”

How to Make the Most out of Mommy “Me Time”

Do you remember those times when you wake up and go to bed whenever you want?  Go out with friends and have adventures on a whim? Those days when you had complete financial freedom and can spend money on fancy clothes, mani and pedi, hair treatments?  Don’t you miss those times when you had timeContinue reading “How to Make the Most out of Mommy “Me Time””

My Journey to the Unknown

Everyone Aims Success! Everybody’s goals are leaning towards the future! Do we need a road map to Success? Believe me, I’ve searched enough. The future is uncertain. The first thing to do is to define what exactly the meaning of “SUCCESS” for you is. For me, it is one’s happiness. Allow me to entertain youContinue reading “My Journey to the Unknown”