Overseas: A Homeschool Journey

These are some questions that relatives and friends asked me. You see, my family decided to do homeschooling even before the pandemic, way back S.Y. 2018-2019. I was in the academe back then. So those into traditional schooling were surprised that I would decide to do homeschooling. However, when I explained to them the why,Continue reading “Overseas: A Homeschool Journey”


Hi! This is Teacher Angel! I have been teaching English for more than a year and I don’t think that this is a profession but actually a passion to teach and see my student learn and improve their English skills. It is also nice to meet young and adults who are eager to learn andContinue reading “ONLINE ESL TEACHING STRATEGIES”

To Be or Not To Be… My Choices as a Mother

Women are like trees, growing slowly over time. So many rings creating layers of maturity as their branches spread and reach out to the sky. Motherhood prunes those branches. Sometimes it prunes the back hard and painfully. But if you let go and trust in the good of what it means to be a mother,Continue reading “To Be or Not To Be… My Choices as a Mother”

Can a slow learner become smart?

Are you worried that your kid shows signs of processing things slowly compare to other kids or they are just shy?  Let me share with you the prodigious transformation of my daughter, Gwen. When she was four years old, I struggle teaching her, she won’t have any interest at all, she will not take part, sheContinue reading “Can a slow learner become smart?”


We all know that almost all schools nationwide have closed their institution due to the Covid19 pandemic. And as a parent, I am just worried that my kids can no longer keep up the learning. Our government has extended the enhanced community quarantine and propose an online class for students, most especially those school withContinue reading “PROS AND CONS OF ONLINE CLASSES”

Kids Home from School Due to Coronavirus? Free Online Learning Resources

As coronavirus continues to spread across the globe. Closure of schools due to the covid-19 pandemic has brought along a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, and the need for a sudden, new routine for a lot of us. With our little ones at home, how do we ensure their learning? Luckily, with the help of digitalContinue reading “Kids Home from School Due to Coronavirus? Free Online Learning Resources”