To live Alone and nothing but yourself

I Am one of those people who wants nothing but the whole family. I’m just a child since my mom left me just because of money the hardship of being alone you have nothing to say about your problem you are growing up no one is guiding and supporting since then i lived as myContinue reading “To live Alone and nothing but yourself”


Hi! This is Teacher Angel! I have been teaching English for more than a year and I don’t think that this is a profession but actually a passion to teach and see my student learn and improve their English skills. It is also nice to meet young and adults who are eager to learn andContinue reading “ONLINE ESL TEACHING STRATEGIES”

My Journey to the Unknown

Everyone Aims Success! Everybody’s goals are leaning towards the future! Do we need a road map to Success? Believe me, I’ve searched enough. The future is uncertain. The first thing to do is to define what exactly the meaning of “SUCCESS” for you is. For me, it is one’s happiness. Allow me to entertain youContinue reading “My Journey to the Unknown”


MOTHERHOOD…. Being a Mother is not only a lifetime work, obligation, and responsibility not only to the family members but also to the person itself. Most mothers may choose to have a career and work helping their partner rather than staying at home and do the same old chores every day, others might prefer toContinue reading “ONLINE ….. MOTHERHOOD”

From Corporate to Home-based

Earning while at home, is that possible? That was one of the few questions that popped into my mind when a colleague told me about her niece having a remote job and being paid Php80,000 monthly! I thought that was only possible when you’re working in an office with a high position. After hearing aboutContinue reading “From Corporate to Home-based”