7 Ways to Cope with Failed Expectations

Have you tried setting expectations yet dismally failed? Recently, I drew my own timeline to see what have I done in my life so far: After college graduation and passing the boards, I worked for a few years, got married, and had children. A big chunk was also devoted to doing volunteer church work. FamilyContinue reading “7 Ways to Cope with Failed Expectations”

To Be or Not To Be… My Choices as a Mother

Women are like trees, growing slowly over time. So many rings creating layers of maturity as their branches spread and reach out to the sky. Motherhood prunes those branches. Sometimes it prunes the back hard and painfully. But if you let go and trust in the good of what it means to be a mother,Continue reading “To Be or Not To Be… My Choices as a Mother”

A Seafarer’s Wife Goal: “BE HOME FOR GOOD!”

INTRODUCTION Hi, I am Glazel. I am a seafarer’s wife and a stay at home mom taking care of my two boys ages 8 and 6, respectively.  When I first met my then-boyfriend now-husband way back in the year 2000, he is already working as a seafarer. It was already his second contract working inContinue reading “A Seafarer’s Wife Goal: “BE HOME FOR GOOD!””

My Journey to the Unknown

Everyone Aims Success! Everybody’s goals are leaning towards the future! Do we need a road map to Success? Believe me, I’ve searched enough. The future is uncertain. The first thing to do is to define what exactly the meaning of “SUCCESS” for you is. For me, it is one’s happiness. Allow me to entertain youContinue reading “My Journey to the Unknown”