Your wings already exist all you have to do is fly..- unkown Where to go after the pandemic? Yah! Together, let’s look forward that one day we can go out and will be able to breathe the ocean air and will be able to embrace the sun.  Now, let me give you some top destinationsContinue reading “GO. SEE. WRITE.”

Reminiscing The Good Times

The pandemic we are facing now has put our summer plans on hold. Travel tickets canceled or rescheduled, plans, and goals reassessed to cope with this difficult time. If things went as planned, I would have gone home to the province to spend the summer vacation with my parents. I won’t have pictures of meContinue reading “Reminiscing The Good Times”

Factory worker in Taiwan at the age of 20

Applying in Taiwan is one of the best decision I’ve ever made Year 2015, I’m 20 years old when I tried to apply abroad. It takes 7 months for me to get to Taiwan. I don’t feel sad when leaving the country even when I saw my family is crying sending me to the airport.Continue reading “Factory worker in Taiwan at the age of 20”