Overseas: A Homeschool Journey

These are some questions that relatives and friends asked me. You see, my family decided to do homeschooling even before the pandemic, way back S.Y. 2018-2019. I was in the academe back then. So those into traditional schooling were surprised that I would decide to do homeschooling. However, when I explained to them the why,Continue reading “Overseas: A Homeschool Journey”


Year 2020 is certainly a very meaningful time for all of us. Many people have been infected, some are virus – positive, some are strictly monitored, while some were out of government’s radar. Businesses’ were being closed, and jobs are being restricted. Indeed it’s a very hard time. During these pandemic hours, many people sufferContinue reading “GREEN THUMB NO MORE!”


Hi! This is Teacher Angel! I have been teaching English for more than a year and I don’t think that this is a profession but actually a passion to teach and see my student learn and improve their English skills. It is also nice to meet young and adults who are eager to learn andContinue reading “ONLINE ESL TEACHING STRATEGIES”

Simple Mommy Hacks to Achieve Clear Soft & Healthy Skin With Little- to- No- Budget

What we are called Mom, Mum, Mommy, momma, momsh, momshie  “ilaw ng tahanan”in tagalog as we translate it in english “light of our homes”  We like to make our homes clean and tidy, serve delicious breakfast, lunch & dinner while juggling other household chores and 9-5 jobs.  Whilst we brighten our Family Homes. We are proneContinue reading “Simple Mommy Hacks to Achieve Clear Soft & Healthy Skin With Little- to- No- Budget”

All About Banking

Nowadays, Banking in the Philippines already had a big transformation. From traditional to digital, banking has made its way easier and accessible to its clients. Back when I started with my banking career in 2006, I have started as a teller and was exposed to different transactions. Manual posting of transactions and verification of signaturesContinue reading “All About Banking”

Getting Life Insurance – Is it a Yes or No?

Many of us, including me, don’t really know how important insurance is. Some think its additional expenses or liabilities or don’t have budget for this because this is not their priority. Until we realize that we’re not getting younger anymore and we watched people around us like, friend, relatives and neighbors, passing away. Let meContinue reading “Getting Life Insurance – Is it a Yes or No?”

Play as the Foundation of Learning and Development

“To play with a child is to love a child.” – Vince Gowmon I am a mother to Bauer (8 years old), Rafael (7 years old), and Arwen (3 years old). The most challenging part of being a stay-at-home mother is raising the kids. This includes teaching them the right values and ensuring that theyContinue reading “Play as the Foundation of Learning and Development”