Jane and Her First PNR Ride

There’s always a first time for everything. Me and my volunteer-friends needed to attend a SEAGames pep rally in Taguig last November. I am not familiar with the venue, so my friend suggested that we meet up in Blumentritt to take the train going to Bicutan and we all agreed. November 9. It poured andContinue reading “Jane and Her First PNR Ride”

Budget Friendly Mosquito Screens

“There is no greater warrior than a mother protecting her child” N.K. Jemisin Moms are very keen on protecting the family especially their children. Unfortunately, most moms are not financially equipped. They exhaust the budget in food, education and utility bills. Other important matters like the family’s health and safety are on the end listContinue reading “Budget Friendly Mosquito Screens”


“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero-waste perfectly, We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” -Anne Marie Bonneau What do you mean by zero-waste? Zero-waste doesn’t literally mean no waste at all. It aims to eliminate or reduce trash thrown in the landfill which helps saving our mother earth. This also benefitContinue reading “MY WAYS TO START A ZERO-WASTE LIFESTYLE”

Best Low Budget Health Card for Kids

One month before I resigned from my work, I looked for the best prepaid health card I can use for my baby.  When I say best(in my case), I consider it as the following: Within the budget (the cheaper the better that will not compromise the other needs) Fits my baby’s needs (in our case,Continue reading “Best Low Budget Health Card for Kids”

Simple Mommy Hacks to Achieve Clear Soft & Healthy Skin With Little- to- No- Budget

What we are called Mom, Mum, Mommy, momma, momsh, momshie  “ilaw ng tahanan”in tagalog as we translate it in english “light of our homes”  We like to make our homes clean and tidy, serve delicious breakfast, lunch & dinner while juggling other household chores and 9-5 jobs.  Whilst we brighten our Family Homes. We are proneContinue reading “Simple Mommy Hacks to Achieve Clear Soft & Healthy Skin With Little- to- No- Budget”

How to set-up a Christmas Budget

Tis the season to be jolly, Falalalala lalalala! Christmas season is coming and so the expenses too… when I said expenses it means a lot, from the groceries to the gifts and so on. You might think it’s a little too early to start setting up your Christmas budget? If you want to have lessContinue reading “How to set-up a Christmas Budget”