How to Make the Most out of Mommy “Me Time”

Do you remember those times when you wake up and go to bed whenever you want?  Go out with friends and have adventures on a whim? Those days when you had complete financial freedom and can spend money on fancy clothes, mani and pedi, hair treatments?  Don’t you miss those times when you had timeContinue reading “How to Make the Most out of Mommy “Me Time””

3 churches with breathtaking views near Manila

1. Regina Rica Rosarii Regina Rica Rosarii is located along Marcos Highway at Sitio Aguho, Sampaloc Tanay, Rizal. You will have a great feeling as you go along on the hill and you will find a 71-foot-high an image of our Lady, Queen of the Holy Rosary designed by artist-sculptor Jose Barcena Jr. You cannot enterContinue reading “3 churches with breathtaking views near Manila”