My Liquid Gold Locket – Breastmilk

For every struggle, tear & hard work, this will forever remind me that True Love is a Sacrifice. Four years ago, I gave birth to my first child, Leory Matthew.What a wonderful and priceless blessing from up above as I look at my reflection, only in its little form. “I love you”, I said. “AndContinue reading “My Liquid Gold Locket – Breastmilk”

10 Tips Helped me succeed in Breastfeeding

”… a breastfeeding mother uses 30% of her energy intake as breast milk, which is more than she uses for her heart.” – Peter Hartmann I am Janin,26, and a fulltime mom of two. My breastfeeding journey was successful. When I was pregnant on my second child.I decided to set a goal that for sixContinue reading “10 Tips Helped me succeed in Breastfeeding”