Autism doesn’t come with an instruction guide. It comes with a family who will never give up – Kerry Magro My son at the age of two was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD. What is Austism or ASD? According to https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/facts.html Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability  that can cause significant social, communicationContinue reading “DIFFERENT….NOT LESS”

Chronicles of an Ausome Mom

“For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him: Therefore also I have lent him to the Lord; as long as he liveth he shall be lent to the Lord. And he worshipped the Lord there.” –1 Samuel 1:27-28 (KJV)– Haven’t you heard the term “Ausome”Continue reading “Chronicles of an Ausome Mom”