To live Alone and nothing but yourself

I Am one of those people who wants nothing but the whole family. I’m just a child since my mom left me just because of money the hardship of being alone you have nothing to say about your problem you are growing up no one is guiding and supporting since then i lived as my own at a young age I was already working at my relatives so that i can go to school and to survive. when i was in highschool my mom came in and have a news for me that she already have a new family and sadly she wasnt able to come for me for how many years, year 2013 my mom told me that she wanted me to go to manila and finishg my highschool there, but i just stay there for only a year because my step dad is abusing me i decided to came back to my relatives in mindanao so i can continue to college after 2 years as a working student i already graduated Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Then when i get a job my experience almost every day enduring the traffic can only get you to work even if you are sick you still need to get up, and even if you your family is sick you can not immediately go and take care of them because you can not be absent from work, the difficulty of adjusting to everyday life when you almost do not have time for yourself even if your body has no rest then your salary is just enough to fit for your family but what is really difficult as an employee is that you get along with those who do not want you, envy you and always the one who is heated at work, and the sad Reality is you just put up with it just to survive for yourself and your family. I know that I am not the only one experiencing this,

so now with this type of training I did not hesitate to enroll immediately dreamed of this training for a long time so I really put it together so that somehow I can watch and be with my family because the fun is different when you are with them, this online training is still a big help for me to find a stable job someday,so now that i`m here in training and have start already doing my best to improve my skills and knowledge for my future, so when I graduate here in this course I will save more money to invest for the equipement I will use for work then if I buy my needs for work I will save money for help with other needs when I get extra I will donate to charities


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