A Mother’s Passage

“It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts”

                                                                                                                        -Mother Teresa

Being a mother, I would say it is very challenging. It’s fun being a mother, taking care of the kids, feeding them every day, doing the laundry just to keep the house in line. It is a never-ending job. Though there are times that I want to give up, their laughter, happiness gives me the strength to continue.

As a mother of three daughters, overall, I am proud to say that I raised them well. Though there are ups and downs while raising them we were able to surpass all the problems. Without my husband, we would not be able to achieve what we have right now. He supported us financially works a lot of hours just to support our needs. I am very grateful to have him.

My husband and I are very proud that our eldest has finished her bachelor’s degree and our second daughter is now in her third year in college taking up Architecture in one of the biggest universities in town and our youngest daughter is now in her fifth grade. We know it’s still a long way to go but we are here to support them financially and spiritually in their journey in life, just to help them pursue their dreams.

There were questions in my mind while raising three daughters,

Am I doing the right thing?

Are my decisions correct?

Am I scolding them the right way?

Or is this the right way of raising them? I know I am not a perfect wife or mother and neither is my husband, No one knows what are the rules or ways of being a perfect mother or father, it is a matter of trial and error, we also learn from our mistakes. Sometimes we get carried along with our emotions, we say things that are not meant to be said or we regret and can’t take it back anymore. We sometimes do things that are not good but have to do just to let them learn their lessons.

All of us parents want what is best for our children that sometimes we forget to ask them if they are okay with our ways of raising them because sometimes, we forget about their feelings or their opinions and that would cause a lot of chaos, as what I’ve said it is a trial and error to be a parent. Our goal as parents is to let our children have a better future or to not let them experience what we have experienced as we were growing up. Being a parent, you need to be selfless and just forget your needs just to put your children first. “We are willing to give up so much so that our children can have so much.”

Being a parent is fun and very challenging, I and my husband have still a long way to go we are still learning, especially now that we are in a different generation, we need to cope up with their lifestyle and whatnot. We are not perfect but we will do our best to make our children happy, we still make mistakes but we will never stop supporting them until they have reached their goals because their success is our success.

By; Glenna D. Solon

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