Parenting Hacks for Moms and Dads with a Home-Schooled Students

Covid-19 has changed the lifestyles of many. A lot had struggled in finding how they will survive the overall effect of this pandemic. Adapting to the new normal will go into such a process.
As soon as the modular and online classes have started, it has been a rough sea for both the students and the parents. Parents got to be the teacher and a student sometimes. If you are a Mom or a Dad you can relate to this kind of situation at home right now. Who does not want their child to top the class? Answering their exams is not just acceptable because it will create a bad habit for them by relying on you during their exams or whenever they are on the struggle.

The first thing to consider preparing for home-based learning is the study area. Give your child a clean and comfortable space to study. You may not want them to work in their bed because they might eventually fall asleep. Having a study table will help them concentrate on their lessons.

The good thing from this home-based education is that both parents and their children have a lot of time to interact with each other. Parents will have a better understanding of the learning capacity of their kids. They need to have long patience so that they will not shout against their child when explaining some vague lessons. You do not want your child to have a hard time asking for your help because the moment you burst out will affect the learning of your kids. Try to make some fun and energetic engagement while teaching them. I have enumerated some effective ways of making fun of learning at home.

Give them short breaks and prepare a delicious and nutritious snack. At home, you can monitor what your child is eating. Try preparing cute cutout fruits, nuts, some cookies, or a sandwich and fruit juice for a healthy snack as we want them to feel like they were in a school canteen. We do not want to overload them with high in sugar, high in fat, and salty snacks because it might affect their cognitive functions.

Working for long hours might strain some muscles. Breathing exercise and good stretch will help to break too much tension and anxiety from studying.
A song that they can groove with or sing-along will also do. As studies have shown, music has a good effect on one’s concentration. A piece of instrumental music or classical music can help to lighten the mood while studying.

Finally, you can tell them some encouraging phrases and praising them for their effort. Through this, you can boost their self-esteem. Good communication with your child is the essential key to make him/her at ease of learning at home.

You can introduce any activity that will encourage the students to not slack from learning as long as it will not distract them in the long run with their modules and online lessons. By spicing up their learning experience at home it sure will bring the best of them.

By: Christine Ann Advincula

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