Work life balance: “ life of a working student”

As a working student, I know how it feels to sit in the class the whole day listening to teachers drowning something in mind that I have a lot of works to be done after this.

In most people’s eyes, it’s not normal for a 17-year-old to feel as if there are not enough hours in the day to complete all her tasks. Adolescence is thought to be a time of leisure and freedom from responsibility. but for me, as I was 17 years old I start to leave away from my parent’s home to work part-time so that I can provide my needs in education. I came from a family that has not enough money to send me to college. while I was thinking about my dreams not just for my self but for my family I need to do a way that could finish my studies because i don’t want to become heavy to my family. to be able to go to school in college I work part-time in the company that provides all my needs. I worked in a day go to school at night and on weekends that is my life in my everyday life as a working student. waking up early in the morning to work, preparing things for school at night making assignments and activities before sleeping.

Working while studying is not so easy. you need to have your time management between studies and work. I have a lot of experience with this sometimes you can’t eat before going to school because you’re late. and that’s why you can’t focus to study well but I’ve done also my best to take my quizzes and exams passingly. all you need to do is to strive more and study.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on
Taking during our final exam.

Sometimes I take my exams without studying because of overload works. I thought sometimes what if I cannot able to pass? but gladly I was passed. there are times that when I feel so exhausted from work and cannot be able to focus and listen because I was tired. But as time pass by I learned to trained myself to balance my work between my studies. to be able to pass every challenge in life.

Having friends and Teachers in college is the most precious gift of my life as a working student because they are your family that always there whenever you have problems especially financial or emotional. they will always feel you that you are not alone in this world full of trials. I was so happy that I met them and be part of my college life.

ICT Family

these are the happiest moment in my life as we now taking our pictorial for being a part of 2020 graduates. time flies so fast I can’t imagine that I was in the fourth year and now taking pictorials for graduation. I thought, I can’t manage to go along with this journey but now I am so happy to be part of this event

And now, here I am standing strong for my hard work that paid of. I was one of those Bachelors of Science in Information Technology students whose so much excited to walk across the stage to get my diploma. hopefully, may this pandemic will end now for us to move over and take our diplomas. For me being a working student is a great blessing of all because you will learn many things in life. you can be stronger enough to face every battle in life, that’s why don’t be ashamed to show with them that you’re not capable of doing things. because each of us has very unique attitudes and skills to showcase in the world full of imperfections.

by: Jayle I. Hernandez

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