Career Woman to Career Mom Real Quick!

It’s 10AM and you’re starting to get to work on mid-shift. As you shampoo your hair, you’ve been rehearsing the flow of your conference call scheduled today with the clients overseas. You’ll be coming to office earlier because you need to prepare for bunch of meetings happening today. This is just one of the typical day of a workaholic woman who spent her years building her career path in the corporate world.

A hot coffee in a mug, a laptop and a small notebook on the table, in a busy day. A life full of challenges at work and then booom! Suddenly, you’re a mom! Wooaahh! I don’t think there’s more life changing than transforming from being a career woman to motherhood.

Along the way, there will be lots of new things in your daily life. You need to prepare for giving birth, while taking care of yourself. For some, they need to quit working for health reasons and become a full time housewife. With all of these things happening so fast everyday, one day you might think that you’re feeling overwhelmed and is already exhausted. But don’t worry mom, we can’t just let that happen. So here’s a short list you can checkout to cope up with the transition.

I. Get Enough Support
In this bullet, we’re not just talking about money but rather mental and physical support. It’s alredy exhausting to think of all the drastic changes on a woman’s life, so you need your family in terms of the dos and don’ts of pregnancy, until you give birth. Your husband’s presence also play an important role in overcoming these challenges as he will be your partner in raising your child. He can change shift with you in babysitting at night while you take your rest, and or prepare the food and other household chores for you. In this way, your body can gradually adjust to the environment and the needed energy in taking care of the baby. We already know the risks involve in giving birth such as post-partum depression, that’s why family’s support is vital in the process.

II. Be Financially Prepared
You cannot just be mentally and physically prepared but most importantly, in the financial aspect. In this generation, we cannot afford to have a baby if we have no capability to provide. Raising a child means a lot of cash outflows. And by that I meant that you will need money to purchase your baby needs, from the first day of your pregnancy (vitamins, checkups, etc), to giving birth until they finish their education and is ready to face the world themselves. Although there are insurances such as health and educational, we still have to save for other needs (and wants! haha). Insurances and savings account might help but aren’t enough to sustain the lifestyle you wish for your family. You can invest your savngs to several money markets for future gains (which only few knows). As the saying goes, “Do not work for money, instead, let your money work for you”, which means to invest your money now and let it grow over time. We never know, in few years, you’ll not only be able to buy that dream car, but your dream house as well! Financial markets is one way to reach that goal. Luckily, there are tons of it: bonds, stock market, mutual funds, to name a few. You can check to know more of it. After all, who wouldn’t want a spontaneous childhood for their little ones?

III. Never Stop Learning
Being a wife and a mother are already tiring for a normal day. Which part of day will you schedule your long time plan of baking class? Dancing class? Yoga class? Masteral degree? “Do I still need it?”, you might ask yourself. Well, guess what mommy, this is just the sign you’ve been waiting for! Yes, yes, yes! You definitely need them! This is for your personal growth because you knew it inside yourself, there’s more you can do. There are so many support group for moms out there like FHMOMS in facebook or websites like, where you can get a lot of exciting tips about motherhood, learning programs and career opportunities. So mom, get out of that comfort zone now and start planning your productive day!

IV. Love Yourself
Moms tend to forget about themselves once they began taking care of the family. They are often left out of the family’s priority, hence, they became “losyang” as what some husbands commonly call them. Now, women opt to choose the new trend, from which they do what men can, get what men can get – thus, gender equality. It takes more effort to be blooming yet so rewarding. Don’t be guilty for loving yourself. Just as fine as your husband go out with his friends, it’s always and will always be okay to have manicure/pedicure or get your hair done at your favorite salon, shopping, mountain climbing, getting massage at spa or dine out with your friends occassionally. It’s up to you how you choose to have your quite time, either indoor or outdoor activities. For some couple, they talk it out and agree to have their day-off once in a while to recharge and relax. In spite of your very much busy schedule, you still have to find time for yourself, your “ME” time.

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As you go along, just enjoy your journey. From those bunch of meetings to bunch of laundry, from workload to household chores, from teammates to baby and hubby. Remember mom, your life doesn’t stop from being a mother, but rather, it’s just the beginning of your new chapter as a woman! At the end of the day, whatever the case, we all wanted to be an amazing mom and still have that fulfilling “strong independent woman” feels. Keep going, mom!

Lorraine Jaranilla

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