A small island in the central Philippines, known for its resorts and beaches “ Boracay”. Featuring White Beach backed by palm trees, bars, and restaurants on the west coast. Strong winds make Bulabog Beach a hub for water sports on the east. Mount Luho offers panoramic views over the island.

Famous for being one of the world’s top destinations for relaxation and tourism. And also was awarded as the 2012 Best Island in the World by the international travel magazine Travel + Leisure.

When you feel exhausted and tired of the workload!  

And need time to unwind and refresh after being away from home for quite a while. A short vacation will reset and refresh our well-being.  After having quality time with my family and catching up with them after years of being OFW. We decided to take two days and a night stay in Boracay with my friend, whom luckily hometown is in Aklan, take a short break away from the busy life.

Its been my second time in Boracay, but I appreciated it compares to the first visit. I must say that not all FIRST IMPRESSION LAST! My second visit became memories that engraved in my mind. Its showcase it real beauty that gone because of the busy business side.  Since we visited it after the rehabilitation made by the government, I complimented them for the outcome.

I’m grateful to have a friend who shares with the same passion as mine. We’ve been in a few places and usually manage to spend realistically. At this time, we visited places that I never been to before. Let me take you to the scenes that captured my eyes.

Its located in station 1, West Cove offered a fascinating view of the sea. Formerly with some restaurant, but due to rehabilitation, it was closed. Its indulge a relaxing vibe where you can see the boat, the tourist enjoying the boat hopping, and the fresh sea breeze that makes you relax.


Puka Shell Beach has a white-sand beach with clear water, souvenir & food vendors, rental chairs & a laid-back vibe. I love being in a quiet place where I can rethink and ease my mind. I love the white sands, the clear water, and the waves that calming you from within.

Puka Shell Beach

Mount Luho featuring an observation deck with sweeping views of the island & ocean. Away from the seashore part where you can find this overlooking view. Amazed by nature can offer, we can take a deep breath and release our worries.

Mount Luho

Photo shooting is a must. Capturing the lifetime memories we spent together. Enjoying the calm and clean water. We also tried to spent nightlife along with the band and strolling along the white sand beaches. Visiting stores and, of course, the most love of all-food trip. Buying some we called “pasalubong” should not forget. We usually love to bring souvenirs to a place we been to. 

This is why this place has been loved by tourists all over the world because of its beauty, the locals, the food, the memories, and the joy they bring to them. To escape for a while in this hectic everyday life. It’s been full during the summer where you’ll see different kinds of nationalities, enjoying the view, trying different foods, buying souvenirs, taking photos and videos, and just relaxing.

With all those captivating views for sure, all our worries and stress lighten for a while. For all the struggles, obstacles, and hard work being an OFW, spending my holidays in that PARADISE makes me regain my strength, recharge my body, and clear my mind. And ready to face the reality of leaving my family for a while.

Nature, for me, is like a natural medicine that we can recharge and be heal.

By: Marites L. Oclarit

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