A Day in Siquijor

It was an early start for all of us on the day of our Siquijor trip. We wanted to board the first scheduled fast craft from Dumaguete port so that we could see all the sights on our list. We were all excited because, for the majority of us, it was our first trip to Siquijor. By the way, I travelled with my husband and our two kids and with my husband’s siblings and their respective families as well. So, imagine the chaos and the noise, and the laughter and the tears that went with this trip.

The 5 AM scheduled boat ride was cancelled by the operator for reasons we didn’t know. We then settled for the second trip for that day, however, we got left behind! With patience running thin and children typically asking when we would get to Siquijor, we finally boarded our boat at 8 AM!

Our first impression of Siquijor wasn’t so encouraging courtesy of rough sea travel. The children weren’t feeling so well and were a little bit scared as we began our tour. I remembered a nephew asking if there was any other way of travelling back to Dumaguete without the sea ride. Although, I must say, it was all forgotten during our sight-seeing activities. 

From Lazi port, we passed by the oldest church in Siquijor known as the Lazi Church. It has signage at the front of the church warmly welcoming guests at Siquijor.

To the beach, we went next! Since it was just a day trip, there was no time for us to have a swim at Paliton Beach in San Juan. The clear blue waters and the unspoiled almost-white sand with the majestic coconut trees were a perfect background though for all the social media posts after the trip.

We had a tasty lunch at Balete Bistro. It was near the famous 400-year-old  Balete tree where visitors can have their feet nibbled on by the fishes. It was a tingly experience and we were all amazed by it.

Siquijor or Isla del Fuego (Island of Fire) is well-known for its mysterious other-world of sorcery, black magic, and witchcraft. This was evident in their souvenir shops where several potions were being sold and at Hapitanan Cafe, where one could take on a broomstick challenge. Of course, we gamely tried the challenge and had posterity shots taken as “witches” on a broomstick flying, albeit, in the middle of the day under the full blast of the sun!

Our trip was capped off at the Larena Triad Coffee Shop. It is a coffee shop/restaurant at the top of the hills with a spectacular view of Siquijor and its surrounding seas.

Five spots for a one-day visit! Oh, wow! This Siquijor trip gave me new experiences and as always, a sense of being proud and in awe of the beauty of nature and our country, the Philippines. It gives warmth to my heart looking at the photos we had and the memories of good-time and laughter we shared on that tour. Just don’t forget to bring with you also loads of patience and humor, it helps when things don’t go according to plan. But, hey, it’s part of the adventure and fun. And I’m definitely looking forward to more excitement and travels just like this! 

by: Aimee Pearl A. Lamayo

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