How to take care of your mental health during pandemic

By : Ruth Oclarit

“Stress happens when you think you have to figure out everything all at once. Breathe. You’re strong. You got this. Take it day by day”

—Karen Salmansohn

We have been experiencing Covid 19 pandemic  for half a year now and its effects have been challenging to us. The transition to the new normal has not been readily embraced by many.The  pandemic has created a lot of chaos in our community and uncertainties within ourselves. We faced challenges with our jobs, finances, health and social aspects and these drive us crazy as we don’t know what lies ahead.My friend it is perfectly fine to be anxious at this time of our life.Anxiety is a way  of coping from any danger but too much of it will definitely be detrimental to your overall health.

Here are some ways for you to  maintain your sanity and be productive in times of crisis.

1. Be aware that you are not alone in this pandemic.

     What happens to us now is overwhelming and mind fogging. We can’t help but  succumb to loneliness and unknowingly we are already nurturing pessimism.It becomes our truth and we live in fear day by day. Get out of that spiral negativism and one way for that is to think that you are not alone in this crisis. Globally, we are affected and we have been struggling with a degree of anxiety. Your feelings are normal and it is fine to feel that way.

2.Practice gratitude and appreciate what you have

This pandemic has shown us different scenarios that  has tests our ability to see the silver linings. From death rates to rising new cases, unpredictable restrictions in each community,losing jobs and being stranded to certain community.It’s valid to feel hopeless and frustrated.We to tend to blame the government or ourselves for not preparing for emergencies like these.But have you tried to look on the brighter side in these.When you were working have you been wishing for a quality time with your loved ones?During busy days have you wished for a pause in your life to appreciate what you have. This is the perfect time to have quality time with your family.It does not need  to be expensive to get together with your loved ones.

3. Enough Sleep

Some of our problems and stress are magnified due to lack of sleep. When you practice having enough sleep it helps you to recharge and think clearly.Sometimes we get irritable and  we are making a mountain out of a molehill simply because we lack sleep.

4.Connect with your family and friends

Connecting with your family and your friends gives the opportunity to discuss your problems and gather your support system which is vital at this moment of crisis.Having a support through your family and friends provides a sense of belongingness and a sense of purpose.

5. Connect with nature and your pets.

By simply seeing another living creature gives a reason to appreciate life and other living things. Nature calms your inner being and pets gives happy hormones.

“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax.” —Bryant Mcgill

6.Listen to your music of choice

Music is definitely a way to communicate with your inner soul. Through this you express and unload your stress in a healthy way.

7.Meditate and pray.

Meditation not only relaxes you but it gives you the opportunity to clear your clouded mind and enables you to think outside the box.Praying on the other hand gives you hope that everything will be fine and what has been happening has a purpose and that  we should always  be looking forward to.


It’s definitely tough at this time considering that we don’t have answers yet to when it will end.If we dwell on this  we will not enjoy  the present because we keep worrying about the future. It’s vital to take one step at a time and enjoy each moment.Change is constant and have faith that soon this will end.

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