Working Remotely: My Future Mom Self

I am one of those moms who wishfully dream of finally landing a job, a paid one, all at the comfort of my own home. It is like an ultimate goal these days. I mean why not? With the current crisis we are experiencing, we all sure want to take advantage of the many awesome benefits of working from home.

The most obvious reason I wanted to give working-at-home a try is the fact that I can still spend more time with my family especially the kids, while earning a living. I can only imagine what a blessing it would be to look after the welfare of my family and at the same time, fulfilling my long forgotten dreams.

It is also an important factor that working at home moms not only can save time from travelling and all but they get to really save money. We don’t need to spend for food and commute thus, the additional savings. And as we are all aware of, work-at-home jobs do pay more. So, who doesn’t want to earn big and save for our kids’ future? Absolutely, not us moms!

Lastly, I believe that what really keeps me motivated to pursue this work at home thingy is that it’s the safest option to do work these days. Thank goodness COVID 19 somehow has this positive impact. Pardon me! But since the pandemic, there has been a huge demand in the freelancing industry which we all should be really grateful for.

So, there folks! These are only some of the reasons why I really am pursuing my goal to be part of the tribe. Of course, nothing is really easy so I have already prepared myself for a rocky kind of road. But I guess all we need is a little bit of encouragement and support so we can be our best version.

If you still wonder where to start, then it is my honor to introduce to you FHMOMS. It is an empowering mommy community. And it’s where I got the idea that yes, we can definitely earn big while at home with our loved ones. Just go ahead and check their facebook page for an endless opportunity of growing and learning. See ya there!

Written By: Harlene Baret

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