Work from Home? Why not?

I have been a full time mom for 11 years. And it’s very rewarding, to take care of my child. Most of my time I spent it with my son and I didn’t regret doing it because I saw him grow. That’s the reason why I didn’t have time to work but I have a part-time job, far from what I am studying now. My husband is a carpenter and is working abroad, then something happened in the company last year so he was offered another job ( as a merchandiser). It was a blessing because he’s still working today in spite of the pandemic. He will finish his contract this year in October but things didn’t go as we planned because of the pandemic, so we decided that he will extend his contract for another year. As a wife I want to help my husband financially, and now that my son is 11 years old I have more time to think about the possibility of working at home and at the same time caring for my son.You know when you have a baby you’re more occupied with your kid. I really wanted to help my husband financially until I heard about work from home from my sister in law. I got curious and interested about it.I asked her about it and she added me in a Fhmoms group. I read many inspiring experiences in that group, I read uplifting words especially when I was planning to start. And that helped me decide what I should do. I was excited but at the same time nervous because it’s been like more than 15 years since I study but when you have support from your family and I know that I’m doing it for them for myself and for my mom those fears and nervousness just got replaced by a desire to go for it.

He turned 11 last May 2020

  • Free Webinar or training

   This most probably your first step, so many questions coming through your mind but because we have technology it’s easy to browse and search. When I heard about work from home jobs, I became interested. But at the same time I was in awe because there are so many online jobs on the internet. But watching a free webinar will help you decide what you’re gonna do next.

  • Decision time

       After watching free webinars or training I decided to enroll in a course or training.        Which I know I need because watching only free webinars would be hard for me especially since I don’t have the skills that are needed in a job. Being a full time mom I need to develop skills to fit for a job. One of the groups in facebook is offering paid training. This was an opportunity for me to learn more about work from home jobs. And here are what they are offering:

1. Local and International E-commerce

2. General Virtual Assistance

3. Photo and video editing with Brand Marketing

4.Social Media Marketing

5.Accounting and Bookkeeping

6. Customer Service

7. ESL teaching

          For someone like me who has no experience or skills you can check about this course or training.

It is never too late to study and learn new things. I know that whatever we choose as long as we’re doing it for our family we will never go wrong( as long as it’s legal). Either its work from home,online selling, online teaching or business, remember that:

  Everything is a learning experience

  You learn what to do and you also

  Learn what not to do.

Ritchel G. Alcantara

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