How can I work if I have responsibilities at home?

As a mom we have our duties needs to fill up every day of our lives, sometimes we forgot our self just to give our family most of our time, being a mom we don’t have the ability to complain that we are tired, we just want to give them the best.

Now, we are suffering this pandemic as a mother we don’t stop thinking how can we survive on this Covid 19 and what is the impact in each every one of us, financially, health and balancing life and work.

As I am viewing in social media, I’ve seen a lot of post this freelancing and work from home platform then I start wondering what kind of work will it be and how a undergraduate will have this kind of work. I try to watch some of their free webinar seems it’s pretty good , then I started following them and attending some live session, that is the started thinking about it.

After 16 years of being a mom been struggling this anxiety that, Is this my life will be going, only at home, cleaning the house, cooking food and taking care of the kids. I talked to my husband can I work, he said “no” who will take care of the kids, as he always saying. Then as I see this GROUP, after attending their trainings, my confidence boost and said to myself that I can do this. My way of thinking change, don’t repeat what I regret from the past and should be positive now. Then I decided to enroll as a General Virtual Assistant as days passes by I’ve started learn new things. I keep my self exploring this experience to get some knowledge on this journey. Hope this is the start a new chapter of my life as a freelancer as I wanted a goal to achieve.

Experiencing my life now been changing routine this past few days for being a mother and a learner of this freelancing journey, and I am happy right now, been learning on this some application and tools, I share it also to my kids and we started bonding on it, doing this blog of mine I ask them if the pictures and text are good even my grammar, they are laughing sometimes and they shared also what they knew about some of the bloggers how to be themselves, and I share to them what I’ve learn to adapt in their online study that will start next month.

It’s not too late for us mothers who wants to be successful in life and having a strong mindset will reach the goals what we wants to achieve, Don’t be regretful as long as we know what we would like to achieve even we have priorities as a mom because If that it happens the first person will be happy for us is our family. Stay positive, productive and connected. Keep it up all momshies. Thanks for viewing my first blog.

Written by: Arian Amurao as dated of July 21, 2020

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