Working at home is now more suggested looking for a job and some individual already started their career as a freelancer and most of the corporate are switched working from home, therefore by using social media is an easy way to connect people to share and give knowledge about the freelancing journeys. Working from home is a matter of balancing life and work, especially  nowadays we are suffering from this pandemic and how the covid19 impacting financially and how the corporate managing changes to working from home.


In this situation being work from home was a huge adjustment for professional life and in life working at home with family. You can manage your own time, don’t need to get any rush going to work, can spend more time with family but still stick to the time on work, balancing financial needs and especially give more time for yourself. 


An overwhelming feeling because the daily routine in starting your day going at work was changed and now because of this pandemic the daily life of being professional needs some adjustment like you have to set a workplace at home, stable internet for you to communicate with your teammates as well even the company provided your office supplies. However it was a little bit tougher when we going back in the normal situation they have to adjust again the daily routine during their career times.


Staying positive was a great mindset in how to be successful during this time of crises. It will test the strategy of an individual on how can be more productive even working at home and still connected like the same way routine as a career person.


In reality, it has benefits like you save money for commuting every day, don’t need a huge budget for lunch and snacks, and don’t need to buy a wardrobe when going to work and no hanging out with the colleagues after work. In positive way it teaches an individual the value of money.


During COVID 19 has the protocol that needs social distancing, in this matter everyone having career advice to work at home is a changing of life now, Working at home has benefits on health because you can manage to sleep and can eat proper meal at a time. You can rest well with no pressure and get mentally prepared. We more now conscious how we can protect ourselves and family.                                                                                       

As we suffer this covid19 many of the entrepreneurs and employees struggling financial crises however because of the strong mindset on how we will survive on this dilemma some of us find ways to earn and that is a work from home platform. Working from home was provided with countless benefits, health and wellness, financial well being and major life decisions in transitioning career to corporate from working at home. This freelancing journey was an incredibly big full help to every individual now and it was amazing that we learn about it.

Written by: Arian Amurao on posted July 18, 2020

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