Transitioning from Corporate to Homebased Job

I’ve been working in a corporate world for 15 years now. It’s a great opportunity to work in this company. They gave me a good position, a good salary and a working environment that anyone can enjoy. We treat each other as family.

Then, few months comes the CORONA Virus. We have to stay at home. No work, no Salary, no Income at all. This really affects my work, my family and everyone.

But, on the brighter side, this Pandemic makes me be bond with my Family. We have more time to each other. We don’t need to rush to wake up early to go to office. No need to commute, ride the TRAIN to go to office. MOst important of it all is my Son is very happy to wake up with me on the bed, not like before that i had to leave when he is still sleeping and got home and he is already sleeping.

Before CORONOA VIRUS Lockdown, i’ve been working part time in a Local Dropshipping company for more than 10 months now. During the Lockdown, i work full time in this company. 3 Months of staying at home working online makes me think of why not staying at home and work full time working online?

But how did i start working Online?

A year ago before i start working part time online. I don’t have any idea on how to start. Then, my friend invited me to join Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMOMS) and that’s where my journey begins.I joined this group, and attended their FREE webinars. I read and learn all what they have taught me. I attended their PAID trainings on E-commerce and landed a Job thru their referral in a Local Dropshipping company. and that’s where my journey begins.

As a preparation to transfer from Offline to work online,right now, i’m training again at FH MOMS University for another course. I need more skills and more coaching to help me land a job.

I want to be fully equipped and ready to conquer the Online world before i fully start my work online.

To be ready, more learnings, more coachings, more knowledge from FHMOMS Trainers is the KEY!

by: Maricris A. Alovera

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