Society Before and after Pandemic

The pandemic brought about a vast number of changes, changes that never occurred to everyone that would happen in a very short time. Every aspect of society has been challenged up to the very fabric of our personal life. The pandemic made us reflect on What we were? What we are now? What we will be?

What We Were?

Society has been very relaxed about common infectious diseases. We have cherished hugs from loved ones that we already missed and did not see for quite some time. Often when we got home from work, we anticipate a warm welcome from our sons and daughters smiling from the safe return of their parents. On Friday after work, some may share a bottle or two at a local pub celebrating with their peers for a week well done. On Sunday, hand by hand our family carelessly strolls to the church to offer our thanks and after that to our favorite fast food for a jampacked line. Stuffed and now completely recharged it’s time to find some luck in a bazaar if not to the mall shop. It’s almost the world is urging you to go out and explore. Who could have known how many people we have encountered for that day alone?

What We Are Now?

It’s completely the same, except for everything. Still, there are hugs, but after making sure that you have made necessary precautionary measures to avoid bringing home the infection. Work from home arrangements is encouraged. Face masks, face shields and gloves are your equipment on your outside work. Still, there’s alcohol but not for your mouth but your hands. Pubs are closed and gatherings are set to a minimum. Church mass is at a bare minimum and sometimes closed. Fast-food lines are controlled and delivery is much more a sensible option even if they charge an extra. Shops, bazaars, and malls are partially closed and kids are not allowed to enter even if accompanied by their parents. Ironically now everyone is telling you to stay at home.

What We Will Be?

We know that everyone is finding every possible way for the best continuation. We all know that if humanity is a challenge, we collaborate and cooperate to find the solution. A vaccine is already being researched and being sought for. Until then, we must be flexible and adapt to the current scenario. We are social beings even though being “social” is not what it used to be.

Written by: Ella Marie Redillas

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