Freelancing World

Leaving your house early, kissing your kids and your better half  goodbye while they are still asleep just to avoid being caught up in the daily traffic, missing family dinner and important family occasions just to name a few. I’m sure you have your own list of these events in your life if you’re working in a corporate world. Working for almost a decade in this type of environment, believe me I had my fair share of these sad stories, then I heard about freelancing jobs and it sounds very promising. Earning at your own time while staying at the comfort of your home? Who wouldn’t love that right? So I finally decided to take my first step out of my comfort zone and accepted the challenges of being a freelancer.


Coming out of your comfort zone is tough in the beginning, chaotic in the middle, and awesome in the end…because in the end, it shows you a whole new world.

– Manoj Arora

Jumping to a freelancing job and leaving the busy buzzing life of the corporate world is not easy and I must admit it took me months to decide. At first, I had doubts if I’m making the right decision, a lot of “what ifs ” and “buts”. I guess the feeling of anxiety is normal because you’re worried of what will be the outcome of your decision. Having this feeling is perfectly understandable especially when your familiar doing your stuff for sometime then suddenly leaving it behind and try new things. Be brave, fill your mind with positive thoughts that you can make it and that you’ve made the right decision, keep in mind that when you started your first job you have this uneasy feeling because everything is new but as you go on you are learning along the way and adding experience to your life until you became good at it. Believe in yourself that you can also make it happen with your new chosen path of career. Cheer up! everything will be fine and soon be perfect!

Be Equipped

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill ; the willingness to learn is a choice

– Brian Herbert

Freelancing jobs are just around the corner. The biggest question is will you last? Are you qualified to take that offer? Will those clients hire you? My advice, search within yourself what you truly desire and picture yourself doing the job that you love doing for a very long time. It can be arranging files, editing pictures, editing videos and some other jobs you truly love. Once you’ve made your decision, equip yourself with skills and learnings, know how the freelancing world works. Having an idea of what your getting into will be beneficial from your end as you can prepare for what is coming. You can start attending training, watch a free webinar or you can do your own research. It doesn’t matter as long as you keep feeding your mind with these skills which will give your client an impression that you can be one of their asset who can fill in the position that they are looking for, who knows you might be signing your contract soon.

Commitment and Trust

Successful people do ordinary things with extraordinary consistency, commitment and focus – Jon Gordon

Commitment plays a big part on this journey and I not only for this type of work but for whatever decision you make. Going extra miles and getting things done on time while giving them excellent work will give your clients the impression that you care about their business and that you are fully committed in helping the company grow. There can be a lot of excuses along the way but if you’re picturing yourself doing this job for a long time, show them what you’ve got and give them all your best then your client will feel that you can be trusted. Trust is the foundation of a good relationship between a freelance worker and client. If they know they can trust you and you’re committed to give them the best they will definitely keep you in their team.

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