Corporate To Home Base Job

Transition: Corporate To Home Base Job

by Josephine Ariola

The transition of new information and communication technology at the office and the home has made organizations less dependent on co-location of their workers in time and space. As a consequence, work is increasingly disconnected from traditional office space and office buildings and it may be conducted in more suitable or convenient places. In particular, working from home today with the support of computers and telecommunication tools has emerged as a new and promising way of performing work for large segments of the workforce and as well as improving one’s quality of living. Working from home will have a big benefit to us, as mom, for example we do not have to commute or ride our way to our offices. Another example are, we can monitor our children, spending quality time with them and attend to their needs. Being a mother is a 24/7 duty and having a home based job is beneficial to us. Our home is the safest place for our family right now during this pandemic. To further prove my point, according to Beauregard, Basile & Canonico (2013),”87% of employees in the program reported that they believe their productivity and effectiveness have increased significantly since they began to work from home and similarly, in a UK study of homeworkers, 75% of those interviewed declared themselves to be more or much more effective when working at home than when working in the office.” In conclusion, working from home have proven benefits and it helps us to have a better quality of life. In order to gain the benefits of working from home we must set healthy boundaries between our work, family and our personal life. Working from home does not mean we have to work more hours nor less, we must know our responsibility as an employee. An example of this is explaining to your children that your time is currently occupied and that you will attend to their needs when available. In conclusion, us mom’s need to set healthy boundaries in order to have a better quality of living. In my case, I set a schedule on my calendar and set notes on my diary to continuously improve ourselves while staying healthy. Transitioning from corporate to home based job is a difficult process, the fear and difficulty of applying for a home based job is a factor that made me want to give up on applying for a home based job. I personally have no experience in using computers, but I still want to learn and now I am currently studying. I strongly believe that the hardships will eventually pay off soon. Lastly, I also believe that the skills I obtained from corporate jobs will be not thrown to waste as I can use them at my home based job. Home based jobs have positive benefits but it is still up to us on how we take action regards it.

I strongly believe that if we set healthy boundaries between our work and personal life and carry the responsibility, we will get the better quality of life that we want to obtain.

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