A Long Night of Ours

by: ymarynazareth

It’s already two in the morning but here we are, Maynard and I, eating McDonald’s meal at Philcoa Branch along Commonwealth Avenue. Sounds funny? Oh yeah! It’s funny for others but for me it’s not and it’s not my trip to life. We also here at Philcoa because we need to buy some medicines at Mercury Drugs. I am exhausted & hungry. My son, he’s still energetic despite of what happened. Thanks God!

A moment ago, maybe around 8pm. When we’re on our dining table, Maynard and I, do some repacking of beauty soap that I’m selling, I advised Maynard not to play with the cutter, because it’s unsafe for a kid like him. Surprisingly, minutes later, he threw the cutter on my front, and I heard him almost about to cry, saying “Mummy!”, when I looked at him, he touches his left ear and after few seconds, I saw a blood coming through his ear and he also have a little scratch on his cheek. Since bleeding was non-stop and I was shocked and nervous, I immediately rush him at National Children’s Hospital but since it’s past 9pm there was no available doctor that can stitch his ear, so they recommend us to go at East Avenue Hospital. So, we went there. At emergency room.

Unfortunately, there was no available needles and/or thread (I can’t recall which doesn’t have there) inside the pharmacy of the hospital, the doctor gave me a prescription what should I need to buy, and where can I buy it.

Of course, I have no choice but to left him with those patients suffering with a different illness, most especially who has big wounds due of accidents, if you were there, you really don’t like what you see. Blood and agony of sick people are all around. 

Before I left him, he was crying, I know he’s afraid that I will have left him with the doctor and other patients, who is strangers for him. I told him, “you have no choice, but to be strong and wait me here to come back, I promise I will come back as soonest as possible. Just stay here with your doctor”. And I left him, yelling “Mummy”!

So here I am, walking on the dark street between East Avenue Hospital and SSS Building, which is Matapang street. I used all my senses and became more alert just in case there were a bad guy/s following me and want to do something bad on me. The pharmacy is on the corner of Matapang St. and Mapagbigay St. 8-10 minutes’ walk from the main entrance of the hospital.

When I came back, Maynard was not crying anymore but dread was all over his face. He’s just staring at the emergency main door, waiting for me to arrive.

Present. I just staring at him while he’s chewing his food and playing his new toys from the kiddie meal we bought. A moment ago, while walking at Matapang St. I literally became “STRONG”, I keep talking to God. To protect and guide me. Because if there is something bad happen to me, I really don’t know how my family can find Maynard. Literally, they really don’t know where we are at that moment. I don’t even mind to text or chat them since my focus was with Maynard’s conditions. And sad to say, my family doesn’t care at all. Yes! Sad but true. But of course, I have nothing to do with that, what important, Maynard is safe like nothing happened.

Praise the Lord! And you know what? I realized, he doesn’t even cry out-loud when he cut his ears, he burst out crying, when I said that I need to leave him at the hospital. My son is brave and strong!

That was 2 years ago and he’s 4 years old then.

And all I can say, it’s not easy to be a single mom.

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