This blog is all about transition of work from corporate to home-based.


Work is important to everyone since it is the source of ones income. There is a need to find work and be employed in a stable company for a stable source of income. Its difficult to find work if one does not have the skills and expertise needed to to perform a job. We have to find ways to acquire the skills suited to the job description. Its either one works in a corporate world or a home-based job. The recent Coronavirus pandemic situation affects the people worldwide in many ways like losing jobs and shifting to home-based. In order to adjust to the changes we also have to embrace the challenge that one may face to what we call “the new normal” way of living. Thus, one must be determined to try new things and make it realistic.

The need to acquire virtual assistant skills will help anyone who wants to shift in working from corporate world to a home-based job. There are available courses offered online and access in flexible time and and self-paced learning. Learning the skills at home without risking of traveling while spending time with the comfort of your own home. There are several courses that will suit the kind of home-based job one prefers to. Anyone interested can acquire the skill and to further abreast themselves to the demand in whatever home-based job they want. There are recommended online company offering related courses , among of which is Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMOMS). The company offers several courses like General Virtual Assistant (GVA), Bookkeeping, E-commerce, Photo and Video Editing and the like. There are also free webinars offered so that you can discern of what courses you opt to enroll.

Aside from acquiring virtual assistant skills one must also prepare technical equipment that is required in home-based job. Among of the equipment needed are Laptop or Desktop, noise-cancelling headset, webcam, keyboard, speakers and smartphone. There must be a stable internet connection. One must abide by the recommended equipment to work smoothly with the clients. It also helps to deliver the projects or output on time yet accurate and quality in nature. Proper technology will guarantee expected results.There must be proper home-based working areas or space where one can perform comfortably and hassle-free.

Another preparation necessary in the freelancing transition is personal characteristics to cope up with the challenge. Anyone who will take the journey should have attributes of a desirable Virtual Assistants. Among the attributes and characteristics are Reliable, Accurate, Resourceful, Kind, Friendly, and a person with Integrity. That means we must be guided in the principle of workmanship and ethics in relation to clients. Final preparation is the risk to spend a certain amount to acquire skills by enrolling in an online course, to buy the gadgets and equipment , and for internet connections. It will be quite worthy to spare an amount for which will give significance to one’s achievement of life goals and the utmost purpose.

  In general, the transition from Corporate to home-based job is challenging journey. It is requires comprehensive preparation of an aspirant freelancer to a certified virtual manager. It is open to anyone who is interested in the field of freelancing. To succeed in the world of freelancing one must uphold enthusiasm and determination to achieve such goals.

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