Work Life Balance of a Single Mom

Question: Who has the most difficult, yet most satisfying job in the whole world?

Answer: Single Parents


You need to balance your time – your kids ( when no one is there to take care of them and give all their needs. Sending them to school, bringing them to check up and lots of more things.

You need to balance your time – With your work ( Being a full time worker is changeling for every single mom out there, they need to work to be able to provide, Sometimes they spend more time working and they find themselves drained after work. BUT I WON’T STOP THERE. 

As a single mom Iam trying to handle everything by myself – I  find myself burnt out and mentally exhausting.

So I decided to Control on how to – WORK LIFE BALANCE

Have a Back Up Plan

People often want to help, but they can’t if you only ask for it.

Start creating groups like your friends, neighbors, near relatives and if you have a small community near your place.

By doing that  it won’t be so hard for you if you have to go for a quick meeting or you need to grab some groceries for dinner, or simply buy medicines.

If you think you can handle it alone, I will tell you it won’t work as sometimes you find yourself tired and it’s not harsh to ask someone if you can rely on them sometimes. It’s easier that way and convenient.

Self-care is a MUST

Sometimes we think of others rather than ourselves, we put them first before us.

Think of this – what if you are sick, stressed, physically and mentally drained? Of Course our work will suffer when we are not fit to do our task.

Proper time management towards our work can be more helpful for us specially when you are full time and at the same time a single mom.

Work on your tools or way to have it balance.

Proper Eating Habits – eat healthy food to boost your immune to avoid getting sick and of course you can work properly if you do it so. 

Exercise Regularly – find time to insert this on your daily basis it won’t hurt you if you gave yourself a 30 minutes exercise 3 times a week

Sleeping Habit – lots of single mom find it hard to do it this, most of us dont sleep that much because of file chores after work and doing something but we can lessen that by assigning it on day by day task ( one at the time, is not bad for you to organized it )

Have Fun – saying to have fun is not necessary that we have to go on night out or clubbing. Have fun with your kids by simply going out to the mall, play around together or do stuff that is more exciting like baking, cooking with them in that way you will get to know them more and more and their uniqueness towards each other.

The Use of Technology

Use of technology will make it an advantage for you, it makes it easier for you to access some of the things that automate and make things done.

Make use of internet to access on the things that might help you and your kids

Use your Smartphone to access in grocery store to purchased something or to buy some stuff you need

Use of applications to manage your expenses and finances 

Use Technology to check on your kids’ needs or track them.

There is no doubt that the lives of single moms are truly challenging.

Being a single mom as the only sole provider and a caretaker to their children is mentality and physically draining. Some of the people were complaining that they were struggling to have a work life balance hence it’s harder for a single mom to have it. But if you have the proper ways to handle the situation its more easier for you to do it. For more information and tips on how to work life balance as a single mom just send me a message Im here to help you.

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