MOM SAVES MONEY: Breastfeeding, Cloth Diaper, Baby Wearing

As a mother, we want all the best for our child. But there are things that we need to consider including the cost. There is a way of giving the best for your child without spending too much money.


 I choose to breastfeed my daughter because it’s FREE but very healthy. It contains the perfect combination of nutrients that she needs. And has antibodies that make breast milk ideal. These cannot be added to the formula.

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 Cloth Diaper is eco-friendly because it’s reusable. And helps me save money from buying tons of disposable diapers while I’m protecting my child from chemicals. Cloth diaper is an investment. Others say it’s a bit expensive but to be honest I use it from newborn up to toddler and I consider passing it to my next child. You can purchase CDs in Lazada and Shopee.


Baby wearing strengthens the bond between me & my baby. And Allow me to become ‘hands-free’’ to get things done while holding my little one. It’s beneficial especially for me who is breastfeeding moms, i use it as a cover while nursing. You can find it online there are many cost friendly cloth carriers but high quality. I bought mine at Facebook for only 450 pesos.

We have different ways of taking care of our kids on choosing what to use or what to wear. But at the end of the day the most important is we love them whole-hearted and unconditionally.

By: Genesis Dela Cruz

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