My Top 5 Favorite Games


What I like the most about Sims is you can create and choose almost everything about your sim. You can adjust your sim’s face, body, clothes, makeup, hairstyles, house, and career. You can even make your sim look like a celebrity! Well, you can make your sim become a celebrity as long as you have the right expansion pack in sims 4. My favorite thing in sims 4 is that I can understand my sims better they sounded like minions before.


I admit I started Aveyond 2 before Ahriman’s prophecy; I got hooked by the picture when I saw it on Bigfish, Iya the elf looks gorgeous! I was heartbroken when I played the series; my OTP never got together, Devin & Talia (Ahriman’s prophecy), Rhen & Lars (Aveyond 1), and Mel & Edward (Aveyond 3). Oh, I forgot to say the objective of the game is to defeat evil and save the world. Aveyond 4 is the funniest and most unique in the series as you get to play as a villain, a villain who aims to save the world or help destroy it! You can also try Ahriman’s prophecy for free!


Amazingly what I remember about this game is not which choices made me a better queen but finding the funniest way to die. Each option is a trap! And the clothes look amazing! The graphics and music are good too.


You can raise your child from age 10 to 18, make friends, go on an adventure, do additional lessons, do a part-time job, or go shopping with your daughter. And there are choices in events that will help shape the ending of your game. You can buy clothes that will affect her relationship with other NPCs or choose clothes that you think look good. It’s a long game but its nice. The sound effects, the graphics, everything looks good.

Harvest Moon

This game is the best farming game I’ve played. There are lots of friendship/romance events. You can farm, raise animals, cook; you can also choose to be a boy or girl in some of their games! You can collect power berries that will help raise your stamina permanently. A very relaxing game!

Written by: Charisse Ann Jimenez

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