Condo or House, Which suits you best?

“Bless out the house as we come and go. Bless our home as the children grow. Bless our families as they gather in. Bless our home with love and friends.”

In this generation, everything is modernized. We’re in a time where adulthood and parenthood differ. Kids preferred gadgets than outdoor activities. Ladies become independent earning for their needs. Insurance is a must. Housing became a business rather than an investment. Lots of choices everywhere including which place to get for a home. A house has its own lot, while a condo owns its living space in a building full of co-owners. Which do you think is better? Condo or House? 

Let’s consider some pros and cons.

Condominiums are located in the center of the city. Accessible to shopping malls, restaurants, churches, and any other leisure places located in the city. Even lessen the everyday struggle to commute to work. Have access to resort-like amenities. Low maintenance, the shared areas are well maintained by the establishment. Best for socializing. You have full control of furniture and appliances. Pretty tight security checked and monitored by guards.

However, there are scheduled days for renovations and repairs that need permission from the administration of the building. You also need to learn how to maximize space. A limited number of guests so big parties isn’t an option. Expensive parking space which isn’t part of the contract.

Houses are mostly located in the suburbs. Have a bigger space and land you owned. Good access to outdoor space which is perfect for gatherings. Full control of your property whether for maintenance or renovation. Have your privacy, lesser noise where you can rest comfortably.  Security monitored by roving guards and barangay officials. No more parking fees.

However, It takes a ride to get to your destination. Renovations at your own cost. Utility bills are likely higher because of their living space. Not totally secure neighborhood.

Whatever fits the budget that will do. You can always upgrade whenever you want. Probably choosing either isn’t a problem as long as it suits and provides your needs. And always remember:

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.”

Written by Gemafe Cantong

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