Half Marathon to Success

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Make your faith larger than your fears and your dreams bigger than your doubts.

RObin Sharma

I am a mom blessed to have two lovely daughters aged 15 and 6. Marriage hasn’t arrived knocking at my door yet, although I have a long time partner, the father of my youngest.

The moment I conceived my youngest I decided to stop working and focus on raising my children as my partner is supporting us. Now that she’s in elementary grade I started to look for full-time work and earn a living to help my partner.  I’ve got interviews but I guess it’s not yet my time to land a full-time job.

I am living in a small city and there’s not much work opportunity, so I was planning to seek my fate in the capitals.  Maybe it was not meant to be because this pandemic happened and changed everything. Frustrated about the situation, I have to put off my plans.

Before the pandemic, I have been battling with anxiety and panic attacks since. Though not clinically diagnosed, the symptoms I feel is overwhelming. Anxiety can lead to depression and depression is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly. In my opinion, one cannot understand the feeling unless you experienced the same thing. Sharing how you feel is extremely difficult knowing that you will be judged and be labeled as sad only when it is more than just that.

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

I’ve always dreamed of running one day. Whenever I bumped into someone running, I felt so amazed by their endurance. In my mind, how can they run that long without catching breath? So I said to myself, once I have running shoes I’m going to start training. And voila! My partner bought me a pair of running shoes. I felt like a kid waking up on Christmas Day, I was like, “this is it, my dreams are coming to reality”. However, that journey didn’t start perfectly as planned. My anxieties already affected my health and my relationship with other people. I feel selfish enough to think only of myself whereas I still have children to take care of. I don’t live just for myself anymore. I’m living for my children as well. Hence, apart from positive thoughts and praying constantly, one of the habits I do to overcome my stress and anxiety is running.

In my first thirty seconds of jogging, I thought I would die gasping for air.  I was laughing at myself, no kidding. The struggle is real, it’s not that easy at all. But I didn’t stop, instead, I’ve researched how to run as a newbie and I found one on Pinterest and that’s how it all started. Fast forward, it took me a year also to officially run a half marathon. Nervous, but the feeling of finishing the race is fulfilling. Once you start running you’ll never stop. You’ll have yourself joining one marathon to the other. Although it will not be possible this time of year, because of the virus. So the job hunt is on again.

“Stop trying to calm the storm. Calm yourself. The storm will pass.”

One day, while browsing on the internet, I came across an article about working from home. It caught my attention and I read through it. I was surprised by how a home-based mom earns a six-figure income while working from the comfort of her home. I kept reading and best of all they have a Facebook page wherein it is solely dedicated to the moms out there who wanted to start working from home or planning to switch jobs amidst the pandemic without sacrificing their family’s health. And so I thought it was a blessing enough that I found the article.

Currently, I am enrolled in paid courses on how to start working from home aside from watching their free webinars posted on their Facebook page. Again, I will train myself and seek my fate in the virtual world. The difference is, this is not about endurance and stamina but this is all about being confident, creative, and having the courage to work alone. Besides, learning is a never-ending process. I know this won’t be easy especially I was out on a working environment for quite some time, still, I know I can make this and think about my family is my motivation to never give up. Since this is all new to me, it scares me, nevertheless, it doesn’t stop me from reaching my dreams. As they say, if your dreams don’t scare you then it’s not big enough. Road to success!

By: Rosario Eguia

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