Failed, Moved-on and Get-up

I didn’t lose myself when I became a Mother, I found myself

Let me share you my story.


Everything Starts with a Dream

I enrolled for BS Nursing year 2007. In my first year, I was one of the most outstanding student in our Block and met this boy who was my classmate when we we’re in high school. When I was in my second year, I gained a lot of friends and started vices that I know it can destroy my dream but still I didn’t pay much attention on it, I still maintain high grades but not as good as when I am in first year. Until I dropped out some of my subjects. Third year, I was separated from my previous block ‘cause I enrolled late and became stranger on my new block but still hanging out with my friends. One day, I didn’t know I already experiencing morning sickness because I thought it was just my hangover so I just ignore it until it just snapped on mind, ‘what if I take for a pregnancy test ‘. And of course it was a positive result and I was really scared the moment I saw the result. I don’t want to disappoint my family, what about my dream? What if my boyfriend will not accept us? It was then that I realized, I failed. I made mistake and all I could do is to accept, moved on and fixed myself up. My tummy back then was already quite visible since it was already 5 months when I told my parents about it. And I’m lucky to have them ‘cause they didn’t scold me on what I did but talked to me wholeheartedly. I have to sacrificed on not going to school for 1 semester since it is prohibited for a pregnant student to attend classes and duties but it was the moment that there is a new curriculum after our batch so I decided to not pursue my dream anymore because If will, I’ll start again from the bottom.


A Perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other

Our parents arranged our marriage on January, 2010. I walked down the aisle with my baby bump and knowing that after the ceremony, it will change my life in a moment. We started living together at their old house and try to become mature at a young age. We were both 18 years old back then and have no idea on how to become a good husband and wife. Our life became toxic so I decided to leave him and be on his life he wanted to be.


Being a young mom means we met a little early, but it also means I get to love you a little longer

After a week of going back to my parents and cut communications on him, suddenly I didn’t know that my water was already broke at night of March 5, 2010 because my due date should be first week of April so I thought it was just a discharged. But on the dawn of March 6, the discharge emits a lot of liquid, so we went to my Obstetrician and told us that in any moment I will give birth because I was already 2cm dilated at that time. I’m nervous yet excited at the moment.

I’m nervous cause I know that the baby in my tummy is in danger since the water is already broke and I am not yet in labor pain, so they have to induce me first. I’m excited cause it is our choice to not know what is the gender of our baby. Three days after my water broke (March 8, 2010), finally I gave birth on a bouncing baby boy through normal delivery but since he is a premature baby, he needs stay on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 2 weeks. I came out in the delivery room and saw my husband waiting for me outside. We can only hold our baby when It was time for breastfeeding. Since I was a first time mom, I didn’t know where will I start to learn on becoming a mom, – changing diaper, breastfeeding, night-long wakefulness. But day by day, I learned to become a mother to my son.

Continue my Dream

Many will start fast, few will finish Strong

Because I stopped my study and didn’t catch up for the new curriculum, I have to take another course. I took BS Administration major in Marketing Management. While studying I have to leave my son to my in-laws on the day since my husband have to go to his job and get him again after my class. We are lucky cause we have supportive parents like them. My husband and my son is my inspiration on pursuing my dream. I finished my studies and became a bachelor’s degree holder.

Working Mom

I’ve learned that every working mom is a Superwoman

I worked as a Branch Cashier on a well-known pawnshop here in the Philippines and after 2 years, I got promoted as a Branch Custodian. And because of that I now have a limited time for my own family cause I will come to work at 5 o’clock in the morning leaving them cooked breakfast because they are still sleeping and when I get home it’s already late at night so our son is already sleeping. My Day off is on a weekdays, so my husband has to managed our business and my son was going for school. So I decided to file for a resignation to focus on my family especially for my son. And thinking of a new way to earn money.

Working from Home

There is no place like Home

My son is already 10 years old and I must say that he is really growing up so fast. So it is really a great decision for me to work from home to see him grow to a man I know he can be

From Zero to Plentiful

Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first

Marrying at a young age, having a baby at a young age, and standing all of that on our own at a young age is really a great achievement. But without our parents who were very supportive and believed that we can do it, maybe our lives is not the same as today. We started without any on our hands for our son but he is always our inspiration to become successful in life. As our son is growing up, we are also growing up as parents and as husband and wife. We see to it that we can give him what he needs and for his future

To my Son, never forget that we love you. Life is full of hard times and good times. Learn from everything you can.

Written by:

Mae Ruth L . Valerio

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