The Third Time I Fell in Love

Based on my title you might think that this blog is about the third time I fell in love with a man. You might think that wow! I fall in love so many times.

But first, look at this photo and you will understand why I am so in love.

This photo is his actual left hand

A photo that was taken on his 2nd month

the caption is really what I felt at that time.

I will never get tired looking at this photo forever.

A bit of information about myself. I am 36 years old. A mother of two beautiful girls. Unfortunately, my marriage just lasts for 14 years. But every struggle and trials, will not make your life bitter but to be better. Though you’ll realize the lesson this event will teach you, that is after a lot of emotional breakdowns and misconceptions. Even the wrong method of moving on.

I’ve lost the sense of having a complete family. But this man brings back the one I’ve lost. This event reminds me of this old song that suddenly plays on my head. ( God bless you, you make me feel brand new. God blessed me with you. You make feel brand new) Literally I really feel brand new cause he makes me feel special and loved. He made me 10 years younger as how old I am right now.

Based on the data the ideal age to have a baby is in the early ‘20s to 35 years old. Since I’m beyond that range I had some worries. WOrries that I might have a miscarriage or some abnormalities. But life is a gift from God. That is why at that time I think I’m pregnant. I told myself this was the right time to have a baby. And I’m very blessed to have a baby boy since I already have two girls.

It was two days earlier from the right age to conceive. At this point, my OB needs to inject me something to help my baby breathe easily plus the navel is wrapped around his neck. I did my best, push so hard as I could for him to come out. Then on April 22, 2020, I gave birth to a baby boy. I will never forget his face. When the midwife and my OB put him on my stomach, while they are cleaning my baby. The feeling is so overwhelming, its heavenly.

Now he is two months old, I already experience his first smile, first bath, first cry. I, my husband and my daughter love him very much.

I felt so much in love with my first daughter Nica, secondly, it is with my Laica and now the third time I fell in love is with my Rev Gerald. For my kids, I love you three very much and I will do everything to give the best that the world can offer. To my husband, Kevin lets rock the world together. Looking forward to more adventures, challenges, and success. I love you. 

Now I can say life has a lot to offer, every experience will give a lot of lessons. Every lesson should be always remember and should not just flown away. I still have a lot of lessons to learn, and still have a lot of love to give. and for all of this I will always thank God for all the event, trial, struggle that I’ve encountered cause those remind me that He did not leave me and forsake me.

Rubiner Arabia

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