The Journey of a Mom Landing Her First Online Job

Way back 2019, I decided to enroll in Filipina Homebased Moms online course which is Social Media Management and Marketing but wasn’t able because of financial matters. I really want to have an online job to help my husband in providing financially so when I was able to save for the training, I immediately grab the opportunity and that was in January 2020.  I enjoyed the training with our mentor, Mommy Janelle Dominique Swing, and learned a lot. I also chose this course because of the flexibility in time.  That’s when I also gained the courage to send applications because I had someone whom I can ask questions.  

I started sending applications in February 2020. It was hard, I almost gave up. I know there are a lot who have more experience and are better than me. I always pray to God to give me more patience and give me the client who’s really meant for me at the right time.

Then March 2020 came. I waited, and waited, and waited…..but still, nobody noticed my applications. I was discouraged, I was helpless and finally decided to give up. I was telling myself, maybe this is not for me, maybe God has better plans. 


But in the middle of March 2020, Covid-19 came!  My husband has to stop working and we don’t have enough money to spend on this crisis. I finally decided to go back and send applications again and this time I told myself,

I won’t stop until someone hires me.

Every night, I would send 5 or more applications. That’s the time when clients noticed me. I got interviews but still wasn’t hired. Then in May 2020, I saw this job post looking for a Social Media VA and something in that post got my attention. I told myself, “I think this one is meant for me”. And then after a few days, I got an email from their HR. I was scheduled for an initial interview! WOW! That really made me happy. 

The initial interview was a success and then scheduled again for a final interview with the client herself. The day came, I was really nervous practicing what to say for the interview. The client was really nice. She’s someone whom you can be comfortable with. And, she’s really cool! The interview ended and I think it was a success again! I had to wait for an email if I will be hired for that position.

One day, the email came. 

I GOT HIRED! I got hired this June 2020 but not as a Social Media VA. It was for the position of General VA. I’m still thankful for that. And now, I’m loving this job and my client. That’s why I also enrolled for General Virtual Assistance under Mommy Christine Levine because I had no idea with the job designated for me. She’s the best and really accomodating. She immediately replies when I need help. I highly recommend this course and I’m learning a lot. Now, I was able to apply everything that I learned from this course to my current job as a GVA.

Don’t stop until you get what you are aiming for. Everything has the right time and God only pushes you to strive harder. Because something that you worked hard will all be worth it when it’s in your hands. Remember, HARD WORK PAYS OFF!

-Syril Celine Dela Cruz

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