Saving Money Tips

Being in Control of your finances is a great stress reliever

Having money when you have an emergency or a pandemic like this is a great relief, you don’t need to think about tomorrow, you know you have penny to withdraw. That’s why saving money is important.

Some say “Paano ako makakaipon ee minimum wage earner lang ako?” While others “Malaki nga sahod, Malaki din naman expenses kaya di makaipon”. It is not on how much your income, It is your willingness to save money.

My partner is the only source of income in our family, we can say that we are part of what they called middle-class earner. We’re budgeting his income for our necessity, savings, emergency savings, insurance, loans, and tuition fees. Let me share my saving tips that really work on us. This is a simple step by step guide on how you can start saving and achieve your goals of saving.

1. Know Your Budget

You must know how much money you’re going to budget.


2. List Down your Expenses

Keeping track of all your expenses will help you to figure out how much money you spend. This includes parking tickets, coffee, food delivery and etc. Listing your expenses will help you stop your overspending habits.

3. Budget for Saving

Be realistic about how much money are you going to save. Once you put your money in your “alkansya” it must be considered as invisible. In this case, I strictly followed the “Income – Saving = Expenses” principle, you must spend what is left after saving not save what is left after spending.


4. Positive Mindset

Having a positive money mindset is a great help in saving money. It’s mind over matter. It’s still your eagerness and willingness to save no matter how much your income is.

Understanding your budget and watching your saving grow will inspire you more to hit your goal faster.

Written By: Angie

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