My OilyMommy Journey

One drop can do so much!

I remember how I started my oil stash and it was way back January of 2018. From an oil blend sample in a roller bottle of this powerful gift from nature, I am hooked until now.

Hope I can share with you how it helped me and my family. My oils are from Young Living and I am very thankful for it.

We just flew back to Manila for a short holiday break from Singapore a few days before Christmas of 2017. My daughter got sick and she was hospitalised in Sg on the 1st week of December and stayed for almost a week. With lots of strong antibiotics given to her, almost 3 types to combat her Rotavirus and Salmonella. My goodness! It was really a rollercoaster ride of fear and panic for me and my family. For her health and bills. Luckily we got her a hospitalisation plan before. We suspected that she got it from her favourite chicken rice at one of the stores in a shopping mall. So chicken rice from outside is totally banned until now. Sadly it was on of her favourite meals but no choice. We can only cook it at home to be safe. After a week, we got discharged from KK Hospital, went home and did our follow-up check ups and got clearance to travel on the 3rd wk of December. She was able to recover but her immune system is still a bit low. We were off to Manila on the 22nd of December and as soon as we reached, we were greeted with runny nose and cough. Hello Flu month! Imagine my worries for my girl who just recovered and then there we were again at a pedia checkup at SM Sucat. Doctor advised to give her another dose of antibiotic as her cough is quite bad and may lead to a serious one. So how many doses of antibiotics already? Freaking Four! 3 from Sg and a new one in Manila in a short span of 1 month. From then on, I am in constant conversation with our pedia friend and she advised me to take very good care of her as her immune system is quite low and still recovering. A few more days and we celebrated new year of 2018. I am quite worried. I’m not sure about you guys but we have an old belief of “pag may sakit sa pagpalit ng taon, buong taon magkakasakit”. Yes the paranoid me at that time kept thinking about it. I decided to take her out of school for 2018 and do homeschooling to avoid her from getting sick again. On the first week of January, where all the gatherings and meetups with our family and friends, I met up with my college bestie and she introduced me to essential oils. She gave me an oil blend in a roller bottle to help ease our colds and cough. We used it for a few days and to my surprise, our cough were getting better. I got curious as to what benefits these oils have. She shared what she knew. Well it’s easy to convince me as I am a believer of natural herbs and plants. Tried and tested it before with Oregano leaves which are good for cough. Bitter taste but it works (there is an Oregano essential oil also) .Basically her roller bottle worked for me. For my girl I am still 50/50 coz she was on antibiotics. But for myself, I think it definitely worked. I am eager to try more and hoping it will benefit my daughter.

So back in Sg on the 2nd week of January, I ordered online (luckily there was an office of YL in Singapore). With a few clicks on the website and waited for a few days, my first kit arrived. Hurray! From that very 1st day it arrived, I am hooked until now. Initially, first I heard about this I was skeptic but when my friend explained and I finally tried it, coz it really works. My hubby still not convinced after a few months when I started, when he got cough and colds, I applied and diffused my wonder oils and boom! He is now a believer hahah! I would say, my daughter has a funny nose before (funny in away that it is prone to runny nose due to dust or changes in temperature, not sure if it is an allergy). Even for itchy throat to insect bites and other concerns. With some of the oil blends I learned from the oil users community, so far (knock on wood) its much better now. I am amazed that with a few drops from these small bottles, it can do so many wonders. I started reading more about it from shares of users like me and from classes given. I even purchased a book and it is very helpful. There are oils for almost for every concern. I apply it topically, diffuse it. We roll it on our chest, under our feet and to any part where there is a need. I learned that what I am using is of pure high quality oils which are very much different from those available in the market. I remember my sister asked me why I kept buying coz she finds it expensive. Well I told her, it’s value for money coz with just a drop, it can do so much. Now she is also an oiler. Haha!

The moment that I knew that essential oils worked for me and my family, I kept sharing them to family and friends. Why not? It’s that amazing. Think of a fantastic restaurant that you’ve tried and wanting all your friends to try it coz its that damn good! In our office they call me Miss Oil hahah. If I heard someone cough or sneeze, hey! here try this blend and I kept giving them in small bottles. Sharing is caring!

More than 2 years as an oilyMama, I would say, “Thank you for natural oils, it did helped and boosted my family’s health”.

Being part of an essential oils community is truly life changing for me. I am thankful for my friend who gave me an oil blend in a roller bottle to try, blessed to be part of an amazing oiler community and thrilled for new friends and opportunities. Hope you may find yours too. Drop me a message if you are keen to try. It is definitely worth it.

By Kristine Adigue

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