A Mother’s Love

Motherhood brings out the greatest love.

Being a mom stirs in mixed emotions within you that only you can truly understand. I am sure many from your family and friends would share the happiness with you once the good news –that you are pregnant, is out.  What they don’t know, behind your innocent smile is a roller-coaster emotion exuding from a first-time mom.

“Does it hurt to give birth?”

“Am I ready to give up my career for my baby?”

“Will I be a good mom?”

and the list goes on…

No matter how many books or articles you read, being an actual mom to your little one will always be unique and different from what your friends or other family members (which in most cases, your worst critics) would be. A mother’s instinct will set in motion automatically and you definitely need to trust it! Trust me on this!


Then, there goes your little one… your new bundle of joy, as what others would normally say. From the moment you have held your hand on your little one, you will feel nothing but great joy!  Tears will start to flow as you see her yawn then start to cry aloud. The ups and downs of being a mother would eventually take place and it would make you question and realize how your mother has gotten through raising four kids with a little help and means. It certainly feels surreal, at least for you, while holding your little one and suffering from restless day and night. You want to give your all but, you feel powerless and frustrated. Silently, you are crying for help, and yet, you want to remain steadfast because this is the path that you chose to take. Your heart is full of happiness and pain that no one would be able to comprehend except you! Either way, you face each day feeling hopeful that your little one will grow up the way you were raised by your own mother. A strong-willed, independent, and capable woman that you are today!


Clearly, you may not have a perfect mother-daughter relationship when you were younger. Often times, you disregard her countless advice because you want to prove her wrong. Until you became a mother yourself. You started to realize that it is really not easy to raise a child in an imperfect world. More so, to raise four children with a year age gap. You will start to appreciate the hardship that your mother has put for you and your siblings. The love that she has that you did not appreciate before. Seeing her supporting you each day fills in the emptiness in your heart and turns your everyday struggles more at ease.


The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children”

-Karl Lagerfeld


Fast forward to the present, your baby has now become a toddler. You will realize that all your hardships are starting to pay off as you witness every milestone your child has achieved. Each day, your heart is full and you are slowly bolstering your inner self the way you used to be. Indeed, you still have a long way to go, but through fervent prayer and good principles to live by, you feel confident that you can get through things no matter what it takes. This is what true, unconditional love brings about, because you are a formidable mother.

Written by:

Suzette Wong- Javar

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