A Good Husband,A Great Dad

A Good Husband,A Great Dad

A Father’s Day Tribute to my Husband.

My husband is one of my greatest decisions in life. If I could have anyone in the world it would still be HIM.

Every woman dreams to have a good husband and an awesome father to their kids, I’m lucky enough to have one. We started as textmates and got married after more than 2 years of bf/gf relationship. Five months have passed,I gave birth to our son,our first born.A young couple as we are and just like anybody else,our first years of being husband and wife as well as new parents was totally an emotional roller coaster ride.

As the saying goes that,” Parenting doesn’t come with a manual”. Definitely it’s not an easy thing for everything was new to us. Those sleepless nights,silent cries,guilty feelings,the frustrations and doubts about our capacity to be a wonderful parents. But as the days goes by,little by little we overcome those feelings,I get used to my daily routines.

After 5 years,another bundle of joy came,I gave birth to our daughter which completed our family. Son is now 10 while daughter is 5 years old. A proud mother here for I know that I am raising two wonderful kids.They doing great on their school activities. Mother/Wife daily struggles is never ending and I’m grateful enough to have a good husband and an awesome father of my kids by my side. And as Father’s Day is approaching I want to take this opportunity to say……

“Thank you husband….

A great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.”

  • for being my bestfriend
  • for giving the affection I deserve
  • for working hard for our family
  • for guiding and leading our family to the right path
  • for respecting and scared of losing me
  • for striving to be healthy so you can always be there for us
  • for trusting me in every aspect
  • for being loyal,honest and transparent
  • for appreciating the things that Im doing
  • for understanding my mood swings
  • for thinking of me and our kids first before yourself
  • for being always positive and always sees a good future no matter how difficult our present is
  • for accepting me for who I am
  • for supporting me and especially our kids in every little way
  • for always spending quality time with our kids
  • for helping me doing household chores
  • thank you for your unconditional love to us
  • Most of all, Thank you for being my answered prayer. And I will always choose to love you everyday.

No husband is a perfect. Of course he has his flaws also but what’s important to me is that he loves us so much,that we are A BLESSED HAPPY FAMILY.

The most important thing in the world is FAMILY and LOVE.

-Linden Madlangbayan

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