Take advantage of emotion-Emotion to success

Are you an emotional person? Do your emotions caused you to get stuck and have a hard time to deal with your daily life? If this how you feel, let me tell you, that you are not alone. Emotions are part of human nature. We tend to view emotions negatively but actually, our emotions are vital to our success.

How emotions can be vital to our success?

First, Be aware. Know what you are experiencing. Once you get to understand and sense your emotions, you can easily gain control of it. It makes every decision rational if you are aware of what you are feeling, you wouldn’t let it control your choices. you can easily detect if you gave the right or wrong response to a person, event, or circumstances. Being able to understand your feelings gives you the advantage to express yourself clearly. you set necessary boundaries that lead you to know what is the right decision.

Second, Self-control. This is you being able to manage your impulsive behavior to align your goals. It’s reassessing your emotions, what triggers you to feel the way you do before making any judgment or decision. it makes you manage something easier when you understand what you are dealing with and taking advantage of the emotions to get things done.

Managing your emotion is not easy, but we have our choice whether to deal with them or not, to transform from negative to positive or just let it be. We let our emotions control us or let’s control our emotions to our success.

Emotions can get in the way or get you on the way.

Mavis Mazhura

-Cherubim Mariae Ramos

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